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Interview with Roland Oparaku

A conversation with founding family member Roland Oparaku on the idea of creating a place in Mannheim for retreat and relaxation – the boutique hotel the Kleiner Rosengarten.


Mr Oparaku, you and your wife created your own private hotel, the Kleiner Rosengarten, just over three years ago. What gave you the idea of creating a boutique hotel in Mannheim with such an individual and stylish design?

Roland Oparaku: Well, the initial idea dates back even further. It first came to us in 2010 when me and my wife took over a traditional restaurant called the Kleiner Rosengarten. At that time, we had already recognized the increasing popularity of privately-owned hotels with original designs.


Right, but Mannheim has plenty of hotels already. What is the formula for success for your boutique hotel?

Roland Oparaku: It’s true that there are already a lot of hotels in Mannheim. The hotel market has recently become significantly more competitive again. But we don’t feel this competition, because our 4-star hotel and its 25 uniquely furnished rooms are designed not only to give our guests a feeling of comfort, but above all, to make them feel at home. We offer a highly personal and unique atmosphere.


That sounds reasonable. But you don’t just have hotel guests, right?

Roland Oparaku: I guess you are referring to the restaurant we run which is well-known even beyond Mannheim. Yes, that is true. Our restaurant is also called the Kleiner Rosengarten, and in recent years it has become a popular meeting place, offering a relaxed setting for both private and professional events. Our rejuvenated vaulted cellar is also available for conferences, seminars, events and private dining. Our chef Kristo and his six-person team inspired by various national cuisines – above all Italian – will take care of our guests’ physical well-being.


I can see that your small but refined hotel is a real jewel of Mannheim, and one that deserves to be discovered.

Roland Oparaku: Absolutely. But I advise anyone embarking on this voyage of discovery to check our website for any special offers. There are a whole variety of different deals available, and I think there should be something for everyone. So you won’t just get to know our boutique hotel and our restaurant’s excellent menu, but you’ll get to experience many of our region’s highlights and attractions!

Sounds like a very good plan. I would like to thank you for your time and great insights into your first-class hotel, the Kleiner Rosengarten.


And how do you achieve that?

Roland Oparaku: There are many different elements. In addition to the inspiring décor and the homely feel, it’s all about authenticity. You see, my wife and I are always available if our guests want to speak to us. This very homely and personal style of management gives our place a special charm that sets us apart from the big hotel chains. But there is a lot more to our hotel behind the façade, too, such as the 25 exquisitely furnished rooms that meet the most exacting comfort standards.


So you mean that your hotel is mainly for individualists?

Roland Oparaku: We always appeal to people who value uniqueness and would like an enjoyable and memorable hotel stay, and at the Kleiner Rosengarten we really do know what is required for such a positive hotel experience. So we aim to cater for individual and business travellers.